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With You Divorce Solutions

With You. For You. Supporting You.

A lonely road becomes a connected journey.

With You Coaching

Goal Planning

Going through a divorce can feel paralyzing at times. You have so many decisions to make yet have no idea what to do next. Lets sit down and figure out your next steps together. One step at a time, one day at time. As long as we keep moving forward!

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Problem Solving

Things come up every day, new decisions you face, new emotions, fires to put out, & kids to keep calm. It can all feel like a fog - the difference is now you have a coach to objectively work through each issue WITH YOU. We are able to take you out of that fog for a while to make sure you are making the best decision for yourself, knowing all your options.

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Life After Divorce Planning

Life after divorce. This can be exciting, overwhelming, scary, intimidating, and the list could go on.

Your coach is here to explore all of those emotions with you, help get you out of your comfort zone and set you up for the happiest life you deserve after divorce!

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Why With You?

With You coaches help you strategize about the next steps to effectively move through the divorce process and prepare for your life going forward. 

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