What is Divorce Coaching?

Short answer: empowerment based support & guidance during a significant life transition.

With You provides divorce coaching services that are empowerment-centered and meet each individual where they are at. Our divorce coaching services are holistic, action and outcome-driven. They are designed to help clients achieve a sense of certainty, connectivity, and control of their life during a time that may feel very out of control.

Divorce is hard. No matter what circumstances brought you here, the end of a marriage is never easy. Aside from the emotional and mental pain, there is often a question of how to manage the legal and financial chaos. You deserve someone on your side.

What you can expect from With You  Divorce Coaching

Supportive, flexible, purpose driven process. Meeting you where you're at.

Trained and knowledgeable coaches with personal & professional experience with the divorce process.

Coaches can access a network of experts in diverse fields for resources to help with the individual needs of clients.

Goal setting to prepare for your future... the one you deserve!

The Coaching Process

Relationship + Trust

Learning how to trust and build rapport with your coach is going to be a crucial element of coaching.

  • Get to know each other

  • Active listening

  • Allow for feedback

  • Confidential communication

Expertise + Support

Taking a holistic approach,

our goal is to connect you to information, resources and professionals that can support all aspects of your journey.

  • Assessing where you are in the process

  • Establishing your support network

  • Connecting to resources

  • Information sharing

Goals + Progress

Divorce is more than a legal process. With You wants to help you take control of your tomorrow.

  • Establish goals and boundaries

  • Learn collaborative communication skills

  • Implement healthy coping skills

  • Check-in on forward progress

A Divorce Coach is NOT...

A divorce coach is NOT a lawyer, and cannot give you legal advice.  With You coaches can, however, assist with your search to find the RIGHT attorney for you and the RIGHT questions to ask.  We can and help you prepare for your sessions with him/her so that you feel more comfortable and make the most productive use of your time. We are here to empower you through the divorce process so you do not feel intimated and you can feel confident as you move through this transition.

A divorce coach is NOT a therapist, either! Think of the difference this way: a therapist helps you explore your past to discover the root causes of the issues that may impact you right now. A divorce coach is not focused on your past. Our intention is to help you examine where you are now, where you want to be and the map out the manageable goals to achieve that future.